About: Menus, Me and More

A Gourmet One Month at a Time is a Blog about creating the menus from the Gourmet Magazine’s end of year compendiums.  If you were a fan of Gourmet Magazine or still have your old magazines or compendiums lying around collecting dust, then brush them off and get cooking and inspired with me!  These books are full of amazing well thought out menus, food themes, and design ideas.  They need to be pulled out and enjoyed all over again.  Not only will you enjoy great food in beautiful rooms, but you will also become a “kitchen traveler.”  Come and be inspired with me through my renewed journey through these books!

My name is Amanda Rackerby and I live, work, and raise a family in Northern California.  Thank goodness I had a family, because I needed someone to cook for in my life!  I regularly cook for my husband and two teen-aged daughters, and sometimes for my many pets.  My family doesn’t always get a glorious meal like the meals represented in this blog, but there are wonderful patrons and very encouraging of my hobby!

Each of my blog entries will include tips on how to plan out the chosen menu for that month, ideas to create a whole menu theme which might include music, clothes, and other media.  At the end of each blog entry I include a “Design Collection” which has a link to a corresponding Ebay collection that is based on the menu photos and table setting acknowledgments from the Gourmet Magazine compendiums.

Thanks for visiting!

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